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No matter what your style, budget or lifestyle is, our stylish yet practical products are crafted to become an integral part of your day-to-day life. We believe that each and every simple daily pleasure should be savoured.

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Unlock the Science of

Perfect Sleep

We don't just create bedding; we engineer your perfect night's sleep. Leveraging cutting-edge sleep science, our luxury bedding collections are meticulously designed to optimize your sleep quality, night after night.

  • UK Delivery

    Our full range of products can be delivered anywhere within the UK.

  • Made By Hand

    Tracy Henderson's designs are brought to life by hand

  • Peace Of Mind

    Every item is quality checked and packaged by hand.

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Luxury Bedding Sets

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About Tracy Henderson

Tracy Henderson is more than just a designer; she's a visionary who sees the home as a sanctuary for both body and soul. Her unique approach combines centuries-old craftsmanship with modern science, resulting in a line of luxury bedding that is as beautiful as it is beneficial. Tracy's commitment to quality and community has made her a trailblazer in the industry, setting a new standard for what luxury bedding can be.

The Mission

Comforters by Tracy Henderson


Expertly designed to provide you with a revitalising night’s sleep. 

Welcome to Tracy Henderson Designs

  • Vietnam

    A wonderful country with kind and amazing people who produce our
    designs and bring them to life.

  • Made By Hand

    Crafted by Artisans using their 700-year-old, 7th-century Vietnamese
    embroidery techniques.

  • Ethical Approach

    Empowering Women Asia, a global non-profit organisation that helps
    the women of Vietnam.

  • THD Mission

    Providing exquisite & luxury bedding whilst giving back to the
    wonderful people of Vietnam.

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